The Premio Bonporti 2023 is online! Look at the news!

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The new Premio Bonporti for Violin is ONLINE!

The Premio Bonporti 2023 will take place in Rovereto (Italy) from 27 to 30 October 2023.

The President of the jury is the well-known musician baroque violinist and teacher Ryo Terakado.

The other jurors:

Emilio Moreno (Spain)

Dmitry Sinkovsky (Russia)

Romano Vettori (Italy)

Deadline September 27th 2023

Go to the regulations

The Premio Bonporti takes place as follows:

  • Admission of maximum 4 participants – (selection through audio-video material ).
  • The 4 admitted candidates will participate in both live performances in Rovereto “(Da camera” and “In concerto”). After which, the prizes will be assigned  – First, Second, Third and Fourth Prizes, a Special Prize for the Performance of Music by F.A. Bonporti and an Audience Prize.
  • “Da camera”: a programme of chamber music (1600c.-1750c.)
  • “In concerto” – two concertos for violin and orchestra  by Italian composers .

See  point 5. “Programme” in the 2023 Regulations for details.


The Premio Bonporti will provide: Cash prizes for the admitted candidates ;

The winner will record a promotional DVD in sites of historic value in the region. This DVD will be known as the BONPORTI HIP (Historically Informed Performance) TESTIMONIAL, as the best testimony and divulgation of historical performance practice.

  • Scholarships for Harpsichord accompanists.
  • Accommodation for all participants (violinists and harpsichordists).

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