Composers! Come on your own, if you like,and play your own music New deadline for the Premio Bonporti – Thursday 20th October – For Ensembles too!

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New deadline for the Premio Bonporti – Thursday 20th October

The Premio Bonporti 2022 has implemented an amendment to the regulation that governs participation in the competition itself in 1st International Historical Composition Competition, allowing composer competitors to participate in the composers area (no age limits) and without the obligation to be member of a group participating in the ensemble section.

It will therefore be sufficient for them to be able to personally perform their compositional test (October 25, 8-hour “clausura” on material given by the commission) on the harpsichord or other polyphonic instrument of the Baroque type. 

There is always the possibility to participate (without age limits) as a member of a registered ensemble.

For ensembles too it is still possible to register by 20 October.

Composers interested in historical composition are therefore invited to participate in the competition, as long as they are able to perform their composition on a baroque polyphonic instrument.

The contacts useful for registration are the following:

1st International Historical Composition Competition

12th International Baroque Ensemble Competition:

Bonanni – Gabinetto armonico (1722)
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